Aspirations, no matter how achievable or otherwise everyone has them, mine, some might say are unachievable, dreamlike, a serious bit of wishful thinking. All I know is they are what I want to do. In reverse order form 10 – 1 ( i have others but i’d be here all day or longer doing that, so maybe another time)


10 – Drive an Aston Martin or Jaguar F Type – British Racing Green, please.

9 – Go to a tropical island for a holiday, Mauritius, Seychelles, Bora Bora somewhere like that.

8 – Stay at the Dorchester Hotel in London.

7 – Go to Michelle Rue Jrs Michelin Starred Restaurant.

6 – Own a Cartier watch.Light blue face, small diamonds for the digits, mother of pearl inset in the hands and a silver chain type strap, I’ve already seen it.

5 – Drive Route 66 (Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA) in a Blue Shelby Cobra ’69 reg with white stripe down the front, I have no idea why that car, I just like it.

4 – Own my own home.

3- Become a successful actress.

2- Visit the USA, starting in New York, NY, going to Washington DC, then onto Boston, MA, over to San Francisco, CA down to Yellowstone, Los Angeles and San Diego, all CA, back across to New Orleans, LA up to Princeton, NJ and returning to New York, NY.

1 – Meet the person who inspires me, who has experienced the hell of Depression and survived and even strived, the person who is more than an inspiration to me, he is a Hero of mine.His life story, his experiences, are powerful, useful, they help me see that sometimes even the most successful have bad times, his acting is superb (in my view), his ability to cope is awe-inspiring. He has overcome hurdle after hurdle and he still stands tall, proud, graceful. He is a true gentleman. That person is Wentworth Miller.


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