Writers Block

I’ve been writing alot recently, mostly one particular piece with the odd addition to other pieces, but I’m stuck.

When I normally write I have no problem writing for hours on end and i can get idea from almost anywhere, most recently it has been whilst I listen to music some of the lyrics give me ideas for where to take my pieces, works quite well usually. For example if a lyric mentioned New York I can usually work my piece to involve New York in some way or a beach something like that.

My biggest piece is my “for my eyes only” piece mostly because of content and mostly because i don’t want people knowing ALL my mind thinks about! I started that a few days ago and I’m up to 345 pages! Bloody book! I’m detailed what can i say.

The piece I started today is a script,a lot of my pieces seem to involve alot of speaking, so it ends up more like a script or screenplay, which is why I thought about writing a script. Its in connection with thee DC comic Legends of Tomorrow, and trying to think of things that have no already been covered of things they can do has me stuck. For anyone who knows Legends of Tomorrow you will know Leonard Snart sacrifices himself for the team and future but not before he gets his kiss from Sara Lance. Now, my script, not giving away too much here questions the possibility of Snart being saved, and so on and so forth.

A friend of mine recently went to Grey-friars Cemetery in Edinburgh, and described a particular tomb, and what has happened there in the past, for some reason that gave me a “Tartan Collar” idea, but how one incorporates a “Tartan Collar” into a superhero script is completely beyond me, at the moment, hopefully I’ll get an idea. If however anyone can think of something, I’d love to know, because right now. Zilch.



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