Whilst writing one of my pieces I was thinking about how I would describe Paradise, everyone’s idea of that is different, some like the city, some like the sea, some like the country, some like the mountains, you will work out roughly where it world it is when you read my description of it. (I have never been to this place before anyone asks!)


The sun is high in the sky, not a cloud in sight, a soft southerly Ocean breeze blows through the palms that line the shoreline and surrounding areas. The white sand is gently caressed by the warm Indian Ocean, the water is clear, a coral reef below, filled with all the colours of the rainbow, fish darting about, the sunlight’s rays touching the bottom of the reefs shallows. A Board-walk criss-crosses the sand to thatched lodges. The sound of tropical birds against the gentle waves, tropical flowers and brushes are everywhere, hammocks swinging gently in the breeze. The sand is warm underfoot, soft, delicate, wooden sun-loungers line the beach with parasols angled toward the sun, Paradise on Earth.

I will get to Bora Bora, French Polynesia, one-day.


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