I’m only doing this because of Political News everywhere right now, mostly the US Presidential Elections and Brexit.

I’ll be honest from the outset, I don’t deeply follow politics, its not something I understand very well, but I know its in literally everything, even the Eurovision Song Contest!  However due to what I said above I am going to do a short blog on it because you can’t move for seeing it.


Okay..so, from what I know (and it’s nowhere near as detailed as it possible could be) so far. You have two people Democrat and Republican vying to be President in the November election.

Donald Trump (Rep) is a Business Tycoon, seems to own half of America’s buildings and Golf Courses (I exaggerated that a little), he also seems to be a bit of a bully and likes to get his own way and even though he as a team of advisers he doesn’t necessarily take their advice (correct me if I’m wrong there). He wants to build a wall between the US and Mexico and get the Mexicans to pay for it, right there is a thing called “digging and climbing” pretty sure if people are dead set on getting into the USA, they will. He wants to put a temporary ban on Muslims entering the country, how exactly are you going to police that one? People can and probably do lie to get into places. Then there is the large scepticism from people within the Republican Party about him, surely that should mean something? To Mr Trump, No. (if any of that is inaccurate or you wish to add, please let me know, thanks)

Hilary Clinton (Dem) First and Foremost I do wish to congratulate her on becoming America’s First Female Presidential Nominee, that as a stand alone, is brilliant, however..I have some issues here, her husband, Bill, was the President (1993 – 2001), seems a little odd to me to then go on and do the same thing your husband did, maybe that’s just me. The biggest issue I have with her is this; she broke FEDERAL Laws, is under investigation by the FBI and should be indited, but because of (A) She is White. (B) She is Wealthy. (C) Who she is. Nothing will happen, she is a Criminal. I know Politicians are a bit shifty with certain things, but breaking the Law and then being still in a position of power seems to defeat the purpose of the Criminal Justice System (am I the only one that thinks that?). 

NB: If any of the above is inaccurate or you wish to add anything, please tell me, Thanks.



For those who don’t know Brexit is Britain Exiting the EU (European Union). Here’s what I know of it; apparently we are better off out of the EU because of the huge sums of money we give the EU everyday to stay in the EU, here’s the thing we get it back in rebate…We would have better control over migrates entering the UK (that is true), we apparently would be a better off country health wise because (according to TV ads) IN the EU lots of people get sick but OUT of the EU no-one gets sick..eh? How does that work..Also a fair amount of Charities and events that happen in the UK are EU Funded, so how many of those will not happen or cease to exist out of the EU? The health cards that some people may or may not know about, currently give you free health care if you are within an EU country, will they cease to work? They have or at planning on scrapping roaming charges on your mobile within EU countries, well that won’t help any Brit visiting the EU if the UK left. I’ve also noticed a lot of companies are leaving the UK already, a fair amount from the Oil Industry I notice, how many more would leave?  Could the UK do a deal with the EU like the Scandinavian countries have or Switzerland or even Canada, no, it would have to be completely different. For all we know the EU may want nothing to do with the UK if it left. As far as I am concerned, Britain,STAY IN THE EU! And if you vote to leave I’m out of here!

NB: I have probably missed a whole chunk of stuff out, but they are certainly things that I have picked up on and have stuck in my mind.



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