British Summertime

In my little part of the UK, Wirral, we have had glorious weather the past few weeks, the sun rising early and setting late is brilliant. I am an early riser usually but being woken up at 05.00 and then waking occasionally until 07.00, is a little annoying, but i do like waking up in daylight. With it not going dark until nearly 2200 I tend to forget how long I’ve been awake for and wonder why I fall asleep by 23.00!

When it gets warm in the UK above a certain it becomes humid and then its just weird, because we’re not used to it being nice in the UK (maybe a slight exaggeration), it doesn’t always rain in the UK! Honest! Thankfully where I like I’m near the sea so we get a nice breeze. At the current moment 17.50 on Thursday 9 June its overcast so feel more humid, and annoyingly there isn’t a breath of wind!

Lets just hope this nice weather stays but the likelihood is that wont happen.


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