Orlando, FL

The massacre in Orlando, FL has been in my mind since I first read about it, and I was going to write some kind of poem but whenever I wrote it, it didn’t look right, it didn’t feel right and I deleted 6 different ones. So instead I’m going to write how I feel about this. 

The 2nd Amendment, the right to bear arms. Here’s a thought, just scrap the 2nd Amendment, that will cause arguments I know but its my opinion, too many people have died because of “the right to bear arms”, regardless of whether the weapon is legal or not. The impact of the Pulse massacre was felt far beyond the USA, people from all backgrounds, not just the LGBT community everyone came together to share the horror of what happened. The person responsible for this was questioned not once but twice by the FBI, how does someone who was questioned by them get the right to buy a weapon is beyond me. Forty-Nine people died that night. Many others wounded. That is 49 too many! Those who survived will probably struggle to come to terms with what happened, they may have even known some of those who lost their lives. It was a senseless act that shouldn’t have happened, yes this was the biggest Massacre in US history to date, but it isn’t the first attack on the LGBT community and the horrible truth is it probably won’t be the last…

The people that went over the rainbow were young, had dreams, ambitions, they were enjoying themselves in an environment they probably went to most weekends, and yet it was in that very place of joy and pride that their lives were taken away from them. The queues of people lining up to give blood to the survivors, some for hours on end in the heat of the Florida sun was amazing, heartwarming, and most of them were doing it purely “to help the community”. That shows just how much of an impact that massacre had on the community of Orlando, not just the LGBT community, the ENTIRE community. That was a nice thing to see, there were also mass vigils held around the world, that proves, in my eyes, Love Wins! Love Conquers Hate! Love is Love!

As far as I’m concerned I don’t care what you are, who you are, if you are kind and caring to me, I’ll be the same back to you. Everyone should be treated equally, sadly that doesn’t always happen.

Peace and Love to all!
Especially to my LGBT brothers and sisters.

*If any of the above bothers you, I am sorry, it was my opinion.





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