Edinburgh 2.0

As I mentioned in “Edinburgh”wordpress.com/…ts/nwatson88.wordpress.com I find Edinburgh a beautiful city, having arrived there on Friday (17 June) and departed Sunday (19 June), I will do my final summary.

Very lucky with the weather, the sun shone on Saturday, blue skies, lovely and warm, perfect Summer weather really, alas being the UK the odds of that staying the norm are severely lacking! As I write this its pouring with rain outside!

Some of the buildings look like they’ve been sandblasted (cleaned for a simpler term) so they look even more stunning than they did before, tourist season (I can count myself as one of them!) has begun in earnest in Edinburgh, everywhere you looked throngs of people, all languages and nationalities, very nice to see, people watching is great fun in most cities,it’s probably just me, but people seem politer in Edinburgh. There are however some major downsides to all the tourists, shops and restaurants are packed, and trying to cut them out of photos can mean you can ruin a rather good shot!  Saying that, it does bring in a lot of money for tourism so its always good.

Having seen the “Finding Dory” UK Premiere without saying too much as its not on general release in the UK until the 29 July. It is a brilliant film, beautifully animated, like all Disney Pixar Films, the short film before it is so cute it may actually be cuter than Nemo! It’s a very heartwarming film, and there are some brilliantly placed music tracks, I’d happily go and see it again.

Edinburgh, although always busy, still can manage to capture the imagination of all those who visit, the architecture is stunning, even if its overcast, best place to see the intricacy of the buildings is if you look up, I wonder how many people who visit Edinburgh don’t actually look up. The ornate designs on building edges or above doorways/alleyways, the writing that has been painstakingly chiselled into the grander buildings. Of course you don’t always need to look up, cobbled streets and dark side alleys once, and I am sure some still are, used for no good. The brick work on most of the buildings is impressive, if you angle a camera right you can make it look even grander.
All the history that happened and is to happen in Edinburgh is right before you, the statues all around, a permanent reminder of the quality of work the stone masons created, sometimes of people very few have heard of, some so famous everyone knows where it is. The parks and squares filled with people, trees lining them, grand terraced housing encircling them, St.Andrews Square for example, has a very large, tall statue of someone, I don’t know who, I possibly should, there is shallow water, surrounded by grasses, neatly trimmed grass with people bathing in the sun, a small cafe and a great venue for open-air concerts/films. At the other end Charlotte Square, dividing the two, George Street, mostly filled with coffee houses, restaurants, nicer end shops, banks, and a fair amount of statues down the middle. Charlotte Square is where Edinburgh’s book festival takes place, its shaded by trees, usually pretty quiet, again grand terraced housing encircles the square, like St.Andrews. Almost other worldly, like something out of a Charles Dickens novel.

There are many churches and Cathedrals in the centre of Edinburgh, pretty much everyone has heard of St.Giles on the High Street (Royal Mile), there are churches hidden in plain sight, having spotted one over the weekend I must have walked pasted many times upon visits to Edinburgh but never actually realised it was there, what was it Mary Poppins said “can’t see past the end of your nose”, if you go past something so often you rarely notice things, but if you actually look, you’ll find things you never knew existed. There is a reasonabley sized church on the corner of Lothian Road and Princes Street, St.Johns, its nice inside, but when I was last inside that church was a very long time ago.

If anyone has yet to visit Edinbugh, go, I will never tire of its beauty, but then again, I don’t live there, maybe for a resident it isn’t as beautiful as it is for others. It’s grandness is overwhelming in places, the street and alley names and their spellings can make you laugh, something new to see around every corner. Like in all cities, the best place to see things is to look up, there is so much more to Edinburgh than what is at face value, so much more than just the shops, its history is fascinating, but I have said it a lot in this, its the architecture that I love the most. Besides London, I haven’t seen anywhere quite so stunning.

So there you have it, think I’ve gushed over Edinburgh enough!


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