Farewell EU

So a load of idiots voted to LEAVE the EU, causing the pound to crash to its lowest rate in 30 years and the stock exchange to plummet and all because why? A load of lies. Nigel Farage said that the money Britain gives to the EU to stay in would be given to the NHS, well, he has openly said this morning that he can’t guarantee that..so if people voted to leave PURELY on that…I bet they feel bad now!

I like all of Wirral/Liverpool, Scotland, London, North Ireland, parts of Wales, all the other counties with sense  voted to STAY, because leaving the EU is just one of the stupidest things to do.

The UK government who voted out said that we could make deals with the EU, why would they? No-one would want to trade with a country like the UK after this!

Time to pack up and get out of here!


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