A Weekend Away

I will be going to visit my family up in the North East of Scotland tomorrow (30 June) until Tuesday (5 July) so may or may not be updating my blog. If I get bored, which may happen, I will possibly update. Haven’t seen my family up there since Christmas even possibly before that! So a well over-due catch up is required.

So far today not much interesting has happened, I nearly got completely drenched picking up a prescription! The heavens just had to open when I needed to go out! On the plus side I should be getting reimbursed by my car breakdown people thanks to them making a pigs ear of payments! Woo money!  The sun is also trying to show its face right now, so fingers crossed it does.

Djokovic is currently playing a gentleman called Mannarino at Wimbledon, never heard of Mr Mannarino, but is currently leading! Doubt that will last much longer, unless Novak has a seriously bad set!

Anyway, if I don’t update my blog over the weekend I hope you have a wonderful weekend and have great weather!

I will quickly add that the people of Istanbul, Turkey are in my thoughts after the horrific incident at the airport. The world needs peace and harmony.


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