Saturday Morning

Why is it always so dark when it rains? Even though it’s daylight. It’s pouring with rain and my partner is working at the local Racecourse today! I doubt there will be much horse-racing today, unless by some crazy phenomenon it’s not raining in Chester!

I was going to go to West Kirby today, but with this rain I am not sure I want to walk about in the pouring rain, even if its actually still quite mild outside. I could duck into a coffee house I suppose, there is a really nice one, Rubens, does incredible Waffles and Crepe! Also handy that I know the manager haha.

I have a face to face meeting with the DWP on Monday, I was told back in January I wasn’t going to need to see them and just a medical form ¬†because of the reason I am on ESA. Apparently they want to screw with my mind even more! Thankfully my partner is coming with me, not really sure I would have gone through with it had I had to go by myself.

Oh well, maybe I will brave the rain, seeing as my partner could drop me off on his way to Chester as he goes through West Kirby, sod it, I’ll go! A little Summer rain never hurt no-one! (I think..)


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