It’s titled 0.1 because I am going to do multiple blog posts today, containing a variety of things, so, without further ado.

I was talking to a lovely lady yesterday about quotes that I find useful and that have a positive effect, thinking about it, there are some that I connect with, most things I struggle to connect with in a sense of usefulness. Some quotes whether from a song or something someone has said I can sort of connect with. I will, not right now, list some quotes I find of use and explain a little bit about why I like them.

Something else I spoke about yesterday, having one that means a lot and will always mean a lot. Photos and me have an interesting relationship, I can look at a photo of people I know and not necessarily connect with it. That word again, connect, linking two or more things together. I have many photographs around me, my family, dog, friends, all of them, in their own way have meaning. There are some in particular that mean more than others, but those photos in a way, do not always represent happiness, so why do I have them? Well, they are of a person who is no longer of this world, and whenever I look at them I get both happiness that I knew her, but also sadness that she is not here. I also have photographs where I don’t remember when or where they were taken, I have memory problems for certain things, blooming pain!

Being honest with myself is something I’ve always struggled with, I suspect many people have, that sense of “you are enough”, “you are worthy”, “you are lovable”, “you are wanted”, all things I will say to others, and yet when it comes to myself, I’m terrible. Repeating those little phrases of honesty to oneself maybe helps, however actually doing it is another matter. Something I should really try and do, I should try and do a lot of things and don’t do them, there another honest statement. I say I will do this and that, and in all honesty I rarely get round to doing them, “oh I’ll do it tomorrow..” procrastination is a brilliant and problematic thing! 

You Are Enough. You Are Worthy. You Are Lovable. You Are Wanted.
You Are Enough. You Are Worthy. You Are Lovable. You Are Wanted.
You Are Enough. You Are Worthy. You Are Lovable. You Are Wanted.

Maybe writing it down often enough will also help..my notebooks are going to be lines upon lines of that I suspect!


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