Below are a list of questions I have going through my mind either during the night or day or both. If I have worked out an answer I will put it, but usually my answer can bring more questions.

Why am I here?
Why am I alive?

Who decided I should exist? My parents. Why did they decide?
Why am I a female and not male?
Why was it decided I have blue eyes?
How does it work that I have some characteristics of my mum and some of my dad? I know its genes, but how and why?
Why can’t I do maths?
Why did I have to be an only child? Not explaining this but I do know.
Why do I have to have Mental Health problems?
Why do I feel not right in my own body?
Why do I have to have a Chronic Illness?
Why am I not academic?

Why am I left handed? My Grandad is left handed, but I don’t think it has anything to do with genetics..I could be wrong.
Why can some people fall hundreds of feet and survive and someone can fall 60 feet and die? Bad luck, I am informed.
Why do some people have red hair even if no-one else in their family does?
Why do you get freckles?
Who decided sport had to be about money and not just for the sport?
Why does so much involve money?
Will they ever find the Malaysian Airline?
Will people ever land back on the moon?
Will we be able to get to Mars?
Why do I not understand some things but understand others?
Why are people racist/homophobic/sexist?
How come we know more about Space than we do about our own Planet?
How did they work out how far Earth is from the Sun?
Who decided 1 +1 = 2?
Who decided locking people in Solitary Confinement would be a good thing? It makes them worse!
How come someone who Raped someone can get less time in Prison than someone who was carrying a few ounces of Crack? I know in the US some states have the three strikes thing, but still, rape should ALWAYS get longer than drugs..(my opinion)
Who worked out Cancer is constantly evolving?
Why do men and women have such different bodies?
Why do some people need immunisation for BCG and some don’t? I was apparently already immune and didn’t need the BCG, but why?
Why do the good die young?
Why are there always more questions to be asked than can’t always be answered?


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