App Blog

Okay, just is just a basic post. I’ve just downloaded the app for my phone and giving it a whirl! 

Yesterday I had a bit of a mental malfunction, not only did I not feel happy or sad I didn’t feel, then when I was getting my daily bath I completely broke and couldn’t hold back the tears. It did and I didn’t help but overall it may have been useful. I was supposed to go to a local outlet village (Cheshire Oaks) today but had to back out yesterday evening because I didn’t want to risk driving whilst feeling so unstable. 

Didn’t sleep well last night either, kept tossing and turning and staring at my clock watching the hands slowly move. It’s Liverpool Pride tomorrow and I am hoping to meet up with friends there, first time I’ve done anything of such magnitude in so long I can’t remember!

My NoH8 Pulse Orlando T-shirt will be worn with pride! 

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