Letting It Go…

ADVISORY; This post is going to contain all the things that irk me, which at the moment, as my meds don’t seem to be functioning correctly, is a lot. I wish to apologise in advance incase anything of the below doesn’t sit well with others. Please be aware this is my opinion and everyone is entitled to one of those.


I saw this comment the other day “being gay is not humanitary”, I get the feeling English isn’t this person’s first language. Now I didn’t respond to this comment but my immediate thought was this, if you want to be humanitarian you don’t judge someone because of their sexuality, gender, religion, colour or nationality.

  • Pregnant women who smoke, are you trying to kill your unborn baby?
  • People who smoke around children or anyone, not just your funeral and a lot of people don’t like cigarette smoke anyway.
  • People who drink alcohol before they board a flight, regardless of time of day.
  • People who drink to the point they don’t know whats going on.
  • Drivers who think they can jump a queue by moving further up the emptier lane.
  • People who can’t park properly, there are lines for a reason! Stay within them.
  • Parents who do nothing to stop their child from crying except shout at them, that’s not going to calm the child down.
  • Lots of excess rustling and walking about at a cinema, if I’m going to pay to see a movie I’d at least like to be able to enjoy it, without distraction.
  • Drivers who over-rev their engines just to get you to move faster, doesn’t work with me, pal.
  • Tailgaters.
  • Wait staff at restaurants who don’t seem interested or linger around, waiting, it is not only rude but highly irritating. Won’t get a tip from me if anyone does that.
  • If I have a reserved seat on a Train I expect to be able to sit in it without having to get a guard to come and remove someone sitting in it because they refuse to move.
  • People who argue that their pram has priority, because “i was here first” than a disabled person on public transport, no, a disabled person in a wheelchair ALWAYS has priority, regardless.
  • (This isn’t an irk, per se more something that just bugs me) Large groups of youths who linger around and even though they don’t mean to, look intimidating.
  • Young men who have their trousers too low, ie; below their bottoms. Pull your trousers up, it looks slovenly.
  • People who wear clothes that are too small for them but think it makes them look good. Sorry, no, it doesn’t make you look good, it makes you look worse.
  • School children (mainly girls) whose skirts are TOO SHORT, NO, NO, NO!!! You are in school, not a strip club, get that thing further down! Just above the knee is fine.
  • School children who have their shirts hanging out and ties not done up right. I know they are not the comfiest of things, but take some pride in your appearance, it is your school you are representing, bad looking students, reflect badly on the school. (Side note; I was very proud of my school uniform, looking smart made me feel better about myself)
  • People in Coffee Houses who can’t decide what to have, please decide in advance, some people don’t have all the time in the world.
  • People who just walk on by when someone falls over or clearly needs help. I always stop to help, but when I see people walking past with a face of disgust, that pisses me off. You’d want someone to help you if you needed it, so help others, it’s only polite.
  • People with prams on the pavement who think they own it, so you have to walk either on the road or stop. I’ve got friends who when they had prams, they actually moved out the way of others so as not to be in the way.
  • Shops/cafes/restaurants/bars that are not well lit, making it difficult to see. If I’m going to be looking at something I’d quite like to be able to see it please.
  • Pushy salespeople. I will just walk out if someone does that.
  • People who push their religion/beliefs on you.
  • Slow staff, whether it’s check-in at an airport, waiting staff, check-out clerks, if there is a large queue of people get more staff on, don’t leave people to get annoyed.
  • “Fans” who when they see a celebrity, etc demand a photo etc even if they are with their families or at a restaurant. Now, I maybe one of the few people who if I saw my favourite person and they were with their family in a restaurant or busy I’d be reluctant to go up to them, however, if I thought or knew I would have no other chance I’d probably write a small note to get the wait staff to hand to them, being as polite as possible in the note “I’m really sorry to disturb you” type thing. “If you have the chance would you mind taking a photo, but after you’ve finished” make it as polite as possible. Also, if I saw someone in the street I’d probably say “Mr Z or Mrs J” or whatever, although knowing me I’ll just stand exactly where I am not moving! Getting back to my point, respect the person, ask their permission, they are human too.


I apologise again if any of the above bothers any of you, like I said they are my opinions.

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