Awake At Dawn

So it’s 05.06 (GMT) and I’ve been awake for over an hour so far, all sorts of things running through my mind. Mostly what Wentworth Miller is teasing his Facebook page with, with all these “Stoker” “coming soon” posts!! He has a brilliant sense of humour!

Hearing the birds with their morning song is pleasant, although seagulls are not so pleasant to my ears at this time of day. I don’t know why but for the past week or so, I’ve been awake to hear the dawn chorus, only to fall back asleep to its melody and reawaken at 07.00, thus ruining my body clock! Which is ruined enough as it is.

For some reason a description came into my head, about two days ago and has stayed there so I’ll put it and see how long it takes people to work out what it is of. 

Gleaming in the sunlight, the soft smooth curves reflected against the millpond ocean. Sitting, it hugged, sheltered, protected, it was warm and gentle, yet a hint of the fierce creeped around. It was a gentle noise, but at times loud and intense, almost like a roar. It was elegant, beautiful, pristine, like all those that have come before and are still to come.

I’m rather glad I wrote that down, I had another version but it gives a very different image.

She was soft, gentle, smooth. Her curves felt nice to the touch, running my fingers down her body, it was slightly warm, like silk yet to warm. She held me, strong, protective, longing, she gently came to life. Making a soft groan she moved, gliding in motion, pushing her harder she roared with delight, faster and faster the vibration and intensity that ran throughy body was electric. We slowed, the sun bouncing off her glowing body, we stopped, I gazed lovingly at her. I couldn’t quite believe the beauty I’d just experienced.

My phone apparently needs charging, this is an app blog! So I will depart for now.

PS; the descriptions, if you hadn’t worked them out were for a Jaguar F Type, it’s a car!

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