Writing and Olympics

Having had excerpts from “Stoker” appearing on a certain someone’s Facebook Page and then actually reading the script of “Stoker” I may or may not have had my writing flame reignited. I have written some pages, it’s a rather dark, sinister tale, I blame the certain someone! Anyway, whether it will come of anything is anyone’s guess, but for now, I shall see where this tale of evil leads, and who knows maybe, just maybe, I might put excerpts on my Facebook page for my blog…

The Rio Olympics are currently on so I have so much sport to watch its insane and brilliant! I love watching sports, and the variety of them at the Olympics is great. There are some sports I am not overly convinced about being there but that’s my opinion. One of those being Golf. Really not sure about that one. I have, however, enjoyed watching Rugby Seven’s and I look forward to watching more. Any form of Cycling is enjoyable to watch but the best of the Olympics is yet to come, the athletics.

If you wish to go to my Facebook page you will find it here: A Dandelion Will Always Persist

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