Below is a description you will find in one of my pieces I am currently working on. Hope you like it.


An elegant, white clapperboard, New England style property sits amongst well manicured lawns. A Rose lined pathway leads to a veranda, with an old rocking chair in the left hand corner. Dark Blue shutters surround the windows, a small glass arch in the middle of the door allows us to peer inside. It’s neat, organised, timeless. Upon opening the door you are faced with a slightly curved staircase to your left, the carpet runner is dark purple tartan, brass carpet rods hold it in place. In-front a white arch leads to the kitchen/dining room, to your right the lounge and the left the study/library. A large circular rug sits in the middle of the hallway, on-top of it a glass table with a vase of Red Roses. A small Oak sideboard rests against the staircase, a telephone to the left, a small table lamp in the middle and an orderly stack of books to the right. An elegant British Racing Green wing chair sits in the corner beside the sideboard, a slight dent in the middle of the cushion, it’s clearly well used.

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