The Real Hero

Wentworth Miller’s Facebook Page He posted a video he has worked on with The Mighty (FB page), it was powerful, and resonated with me, as I suspect it will do for many people. I have mentioned Wentworth on many occasions, and I will continue to do so. He is more than just a great actor, he’s highly educated, a gentleman, he’s kind and caring. He has been to hell and back again, on more than one occasion, he is eloquent in his language and writing, flowing like a river. He is able to recognise when his depression or mood dips, he adapts around it, keeping himself positive. No matter what he conquers every hurdle thrown at him, in my eyes, he is a true hero and someone I deeply admire. The fact he is the most beautiful man alive is an added bonus! If I do ever get the chance to meet him not only would I be able to die quite happily, but I’d be able to tell him if it wasn’t for him, and his positive words I would have crumbled by now. In my darkest hours/days just seeing his name or reading an old post from him can help me, it may sound silly, that’s how much I admire him. Heroes don’t just wear capes, fight wars in the armed forces, they also defeat their demons and survive suicide. Wentworth is a Real Hero.

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