Weekend Madness

My weekend was very much out of the ordinary, it’s Wednesday, I know, but I’ve only just managed to get time to do this, thus my scheduling for everything is completely out of whack!

My parents were visiting, they arrived late Friday afternoon and left yesterday, don’t get be wrong I enjoy seeing my parents, I don’t see them often, but it always seems more tense than when I see them at their house. That of course may just be how I am looking at it, I seem to look at everything differently! Saturday we went to Bolton to see dad’s side of the family, went to a football (soccer) match, Bolton Wanderers V Oxford United, it was, awful. Not only was the referee blind as a bat but the play was terrible! Even my dad couldn’t believe how bad it was and he is a die-hard Bolton fan. Oh well, it could have been worse, Bolton could have lost, oh wait, they did! BWFC 0 – 2 OU..oh dear..

Then on Sunday we went to Chester, now I normally like Chester, but it just didn’t feel right, I felt so uncomfortable, and I don’t even know why! I had my parents with me, I wasn’t going to be needing to spend any money as if I saw anything they had offered to buy it, I didn’t see anything but nevermind. Monday we went out and about in the local area and had dinner out, which was nice, but my mum was doing her usual questioning everything, was bugging me. They left yesterday, but I was so tired from the weekend I slept most of the day then we went out of dinner with other family. So i am only now able to get round to working on my monologue! Feel terrible for not being able to do it until now, I hate not having time to myself during the day, frustrates me, I haven’t had that self time these past few days.

Acting class tomorrow, I’m so not prepared and not even in the mood to go. Such is life.

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