Another Day

Today’s acting class was not as great as I had expected, we did short improv skits, which was fine, but I didn’t feel like I got much out of it. I was not happy with how my monologue went, I was nervous, all actors get nervous, legs were shaking and I rushed. I knew it fairly off by heart but it didn’t feel right to me. Maybe because I hadn’t slept well last night, waking up nearly every hour staring into black.

I heard the milk float whizzing past on the road, it sounds electric, that odd wuring noise. The birds were only just starting to sing, it much have been about 5am I think, it was still dark. I woke fully, well as fully as one can get with little sleep about 07.30, had coffee and watched an episode or two of season 6 of Suits. 

Siesta is very much needed when I get home. I’m currently on the train home, this app is quite handy! 

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