Tech Free

So I’ve been having a tech free weekend, with the odd exception. I recently downloaded a Self-Care guide via Blurt Foundation, it suggests reducing the amount of ties you are online, using social media and technology. So this weekend I’ve been mostly doing arrowwords, reading The Odyssey by Homer, listening to Classic FM, sleeping, catching up with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow and just relaxing, I’ve felt so much more relaxed, still felt down but not as bad. I maybe spending less time online at weekends! There is something nice about not seeing the horrors of the world. I log into Facebook and browsed the BBC website, not much good has happened! 

I’m getting frustrated with people “tagging” me on Facebook without asking me first! I have no problem with people tagging me, but please out of respect, ask first! It’s only polite, if I was going to tag someone I’d ask first.

Back to The Odyssey, which is very good! May reread it just because I’m enjoying it so much!

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