Cinema, Course…

My earlier post Over The Rainbow did have a meaning, it was not purely for the lyrics of that song, although they are wonderful words. Today is One year and 6 months since my Aunt passed away, today would also have been her birthday. Happy Birthday AE. Gone but never forgotten.

I went to the Cinema today, first time since Star Wars last year, saw Dr.Strange, the Marvel movie if anyone wasn’t aware. Very good film. Benedict Cumberbatch channels his inner Hugh Laurie with his American Accent, rough, deep and grainy. There was an air of Inception about it, which was quite clever. Graphically stunning and in general a great film. Also, the trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is even better in the cinema! But, then again, everything is better in the cinema!

My online course Hollywood:History, Industry and Art through Penn University (yes the Ivy League) started yesterday, well the course intro went online yesterday, going to look through that and delve into the wonders of Hollywood! Something that will be quite handy going with my acting course. Which is also going fairly well, sorting the end of course play out is proving interesting, maximum of 15 minutes and we only see each other as a group once a week! This will either go spectacularly wrong or brilliantly! Let’s hope its the latter rather than for former.

Until I write again, enjoy your day wherever you are in the world.

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