America – There is Good

Today showed American’s bad or ugly side I am yet to decide. However, even though today marked something I never thought possible, a complete and utter idiotic, racist, sexist, homophobic maniac about to be let near the button to release Nuclear arms in charge of on of the world’s biggest superpowers, I do have some good to remind you of.

The USA, United State of America, at it’s inception, 13 lone states, all on the Eastern seaboard, colonised by the Europeans, but as we all know, the Native American’s were there to give them a hand, without question about the colour of their skin, their sexuality or religion.

Great men and women have been, are being and who are yet to come. Your history is varied, even in, historical terms, a short period of time. Yes your history, at times, has been horrendous, but there are not many countries in the world that haven’t had horrendous pasts. Remember the good that you have done, the things you have achieved.

The Appalachian Mountains, are stunning just on their own. The mighty Mississippi River, twisting and winding it’s way to the Ocean. Your many National Parks, all of which will have their own native species to admire and enjoy. The colours of the trees in New England in the Autumn. A cold North wind, a warm Southern Winter, the wilderness of the West, and the Atlantic East.

America is good, you just need to look beyond the politics and politicians, to it’s natural beauty, the things that have been there long before people ever were, and no doubt will be there long after people have gone.

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