One Small Step..

Today I went to my local village, West Kirby, by myself, for the first time in..a long time. It maybe small-fry to most people, but it was rather big for me. I fear going into public by myself, who’s looking at me, what are they saying, are they talking about me? The questions that go through my mind, but today, I managed to block the questions. I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up a repeat prescription, also I got a refund! (Nice one!) I went to the bank (more money to me), and I went to the supermarket. Got all bar one item I needed! (whoops) Bought a bottle of water, sat in the car, took deep breaths whilst drinking my water, I’d done it. By myself. Without thinking about anyone else, but me. Just me, myself and I. It was one small step in the right direction.

I also wrote my Thank you cards from Christmas, better late than never.
So I decided I deserved a little treat, Southern Comfort and Lemonade, a favourite tipple of mine. Cheers.

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