Level Up (Part 2)

So today was the first day of Intermediate, I can honestly say I’d very much rather be doing the evening course..or somewhere completely different. There are only 7 of us, whether that number stays through-out who knows, 4 males and 3 females. Myself and one other are in our twenties, one is 37 the rest are all retired. It’s an amalgamation of the beginners and intermediate (daytime) course because there aren’t enough…the evening Intermediate class is literally full!

We did a few little games, completely managed to confuse myself! Had to go round the circle in a random order of names and then when whilst saying the names also throwing a ball to another random order! Confusing or what! We did a few diorama’s, which were fine, but I did not feel comfortable. We then had to do a modern twist on a fairy tale, so we ended up doing Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, only Snow White was a drug addict and the dwarves were also either drug addicts or drunks..anyway, I was playing Snow White, except I felt I couldn’t act to my fullest because of those around me. I just felt like because of their poor acting I couldn’t be my best, that probably makes no sense, but it makes sense as far as I’m concerned. I kind of feel like I’m going to be held back because of the lack of ability. I may just be over thinking this, but it’s the way I felt.

I may have felt uncomfortable and couldn’t wait to get out of there and see my friend, but I put on a face, because that’s what actors do. The end of course performance is to be a 40 minute piece in front of the paying public…oh god…I’ll keep going to the classes, but I’m not feeling at all comfortable about this. Oh and for next week I have to find a poem that has meaning to me, here’s the thing, I’m not overly keen on poetry, and the poems I am aware of are just words. Meaningless. Oh well, it can’t possibly get worse, can it?

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