Level Up

Today, Thursday 26 January 2017 I start my Intermediate Acting Course, 10 weeks followed by 2 nights in a Theatre for the play! (Eek!) Whilst I am extremely excited for this next level, I am also a bit sad, and also apprehensive. Whilst, as far as I am aware, everyone who did the Beginners class, 5 of us in total, are doing the Intermediate, one is having to do the evening course due to work. That one person happens to be a favourite acting friend of mine, so it will be sad not be able to see them each week, hopefully we’ll still get chance to meet up. Apprehensive because I believe the evening class is full, that’s 15 max, I hope there are more than 4 of us, as nice as it will be actually knowing the people who are in my class, working a play, in a Theatre with only 4..I imagine is quite a challenge! Plus, you don’t get the chance to work with other actors. So fingers crossed there will be more!!

I need to do some research on the “credits” Spotlight require to register with them, maybe my acting tutor will be able to shed some light on the issue. I’ve also started reading one of the books I got for Christmas, The Actor’s Art and Craft by William Esper and Damon DiMarco, they talk about the Meisner Technique, but from what I gather, my class will be talking about Stanislavsky, who according to William Esper is not suited for the 21st Century. I’m sure all will become clear, just as long as I don’t manage to confuse myself!!

Side note, it’s bloody freezing and blowing a gale here today! Hope I don’t get blown away! After my class I’m meeting a friend for drinks and hopefully finally buying a nice backpack ^_^

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