Lazy Weekend and Opinion


Just created the image above, took me blooming ages because I don’t have the proper programmes on my laptop to create wonderful pieces of art! I quite like it though. Managed to lose all of Friday to a British TV programme called “Broadchurch”, main stars are David Tennant and Olivia Coleman, set along the Jurassic Coast of England, based on two Police Detectives, doing what they do best, solving crimes, very good series, would highly recommend it.

Then yesterday I watched a few things, two Legal type documentaries, one of the “Grim Sleeper”, and the other Pam Smart.  Both documentaries were done quite a few years ago, the “Grim Sleeper” one he had yet to be on trial and the Pam Smart one she was still serving her sentence (she got life without the possibility of parole). I am aware of the outcome of the “Grim Sleeper” case, I do not agree with the result of death, but then again, I’m against the death penalty in general.

The final programme I watched yesterday was a rather interesting show about the Blackmarket and why people do it, it was presented by Michael Williams, if the name is not familiar his most famous character he played will be, Omar, from “The Wire”. 8 episodes of quite interesting, or so I thought, information behind why people do what they do. To a Brit who only really knows about the media reported stuff and watched American TV shows, “The Wire”, “Prison Break”, “White Collar”, “Suits”, “Castle”, Prison Documentaries, Documentaries on the effects of Illegal Highs etc, to see this particular documentary, stunned me, almost scared me. One of the people Michael spoke to said that people don’t feel safe on the streets. If someone doesn’t feel safe on their own street there is something very wrong with society. He also spoke to one guy who after the interview and off camera apparently removed his face mask and literally begged Michael to take him with him, he couldn’t. At 3pm, broad daylight, that same man was gunned down. It makes me rather relieved in a way that I live in the UK, the more I hear about the USA and the violence and hatred that seems to go on, the more I am afraid to visit. Yet the USA is somewhere I’d love to visit, saying that, whilst the current President is there, I will NOT be visiting the USA.

By now you’ve probably worked out I have an interest in what some might called weird documentaries. I guess it’s because nothing like that ever really happens in the UK. The American Prison system is also something that I find interesting, how someone with a drug crime can get longer than a rapist (granted this isn’t always the case, and it is different in each state) is beyond me. I know gun’s are a second amendment right, however, the level of gun crime is such that, and this is my opinion only, unless something drastic happens, like it’s removal from the constitution, although that could potentially increase blackmarket sales, gun crime will continue to rise. The level sexism, racism, homophobia seems to have increased in the USA of late. The anthem says;  “home of the brave”. I may-be wrong, but surely attacking/killing someone because of the colour of their skin or their sexuality or gender is not very brave, it’s down-right cowardly. The Death Penalty, it’s basically murder. So apparently, murdering a murderer deters people?  Did you also know that it costs more to house a Death Row Inmate for 10 years than to house a Life without Parole Inmate for their entire natural life? (that may differ depending on state law) Gun laws in the US are different in almost every state, there are supposed to be background checks done if you buy a gun legally, but who is stopping that person buying a gun illegally? No-one. If you have a criminal conviction involving drugs, you get no right to vote, no food stamps, no help at all, nothing. So how does that person survive? Blackmarket (most likely) or other illicit activities. That person probably doesn’t want to do that, it probably shames them, but what choice do they have? In the UK the benefits system would kick in, although even that seems to be failing people, the wrong people are getting help whilst those who need it most get nothing. Sorry I’m having a bit of a opinion let rip, it frustrates me that so many people, who are deserving, and in real need of help are left to fall through the cracks of society.

I could go on about all the things that bug me, but I won’t. May-be in a personal essay I may do that, just clear it from my system. Stay safe people.

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