Another Day

Another day has gone, I spent 55 minutes waiting at a local hospital for a blood test because my GP (as with others in my area) is no longer take blood at the surgery, it took 30 seconds tops! Bloody joke. Unfortunately the NHS seems to be reducing the amount of facilities left, right and centre, money shortages the government say…Pretty sure that money is going into the pockets of the MPs in Parliament! 

When I eventually got home I went to sleep, my afternoon siesta always makes me feel that little bit better, even if it doesn’t last long. Managed to keep evil thoughts at bay for most of the day too which I was rather glad about. Hopefully they will stay away so I can sleep tonight.

I got a new app for my iPad the other day, a colouring one ‘Recolor’, missed out the ‘u’ but then again it is an American app, so I shouldn’t be surprised! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I hate it, makes me miserable. I’ve only ever received one Valentine’s card in my entire life, probably still have it somewhere at my parents house! Romance is clearly something I’m never getting, which doesn’t exactly thrill me. I’m quite a romantic person, but never getting the opportunity to show it makes me sad. Seeing all the flowers and cards and gifts etc in the supermarket really did make me bite my tongue so I didn’t cry. Sounds pathetic, I know, but when you have a partner who shows literally zero forms of affection etc what do you expect? To be hugged just for the hell of it would be nice. A random text, just for the hell of it. I hate Valentine’s day, maybe if I actually felt loved and made me feel wanted I’d enjoy it.

Tomorrow is Tuesday 14 February 2017, just a normal day.

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