The Evil Within

There is an evil in the darkness,
Of which no-one speaks,
It hides amongst us,
And appears when we least know,
The evil is all around us,
Everywhere we go.

No-one is safe,
From the evil that I speak,
No-one is unworthy,
No-one is too weak,
Yet in the darkness there is light,
Ready to shine bright.

It brings fear and dread,
Into every inch of your head,
It laughs at your tears,
You can lose years and years,
But do not fear,
Help will be near.

In the tunnel of no-light,
Let someone shine a light,
Take that out stretched hand,
Feel that warm embrace,
Hear the words of comfort,
That come from an open door.

So if you feel like there is no tomorrow,
Close your eyes and believe,
Don’t forget to dream,
Breathe deep and slow,
Let your emotions show,
Tell someone you know.


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