May The Fourth Be With You*

* Sorry couldn’t resist! Haha

Much has happened since my last blog post, but I shall not be talking about the majority of it, more so because it’s, in a sense, trivial in the context of the wider world. Had a GP appointment this morning and had to book an ECG, “would 5 minutes time be okay?”, was the receptionist’s question, to which I replied, “yup”. Been getting light headed lately for literally no reason, all bloods, blood pressure, pulse etc are normal, but just to make sure they did an ECG, which looks normal too and I have MORE blood tests to be taken!! Still no answer to my problem with controlling my body temperature, which is frustrating, eczema has flared up, annoyingly only on my left arm. I hate it, keep thinking everyone is looking, even if they’re not. My mental state has been steady until lately when it seems to be “normal” until something triggers it, triggers are anything and everything or nothing in particular. Don’t like telling people when I’m in a bad place either, because I don’t like bothering others. Becoming increasingly cautious of everything and everyone, with the weather getting nicer I’m hoping being able to enjoy the warmth of the sun, which usually cheers me up.

As of last Thursday, 27 April, I started my newest Acting course, Intermediate Drama, this particular class is on Script Analysis, which is one of my favourite topics. It’s a VERY large group, which even though I know someone from a previous class in there and according to him I “didn’t seem at all nervous!”, terrifies the living daylights out of me. At the start of the class the two Intermediate evening classes merge for 15-20 minutes, thus making there even more people, freaking me out even more. Just as well I can act calm, because inside I was running for the hills like a bat out of hell!

Spent the Bank Holiday Weekend in Devon, South West England, visiting my partners Mum and family. Was alright, shame about the weather though, rained most of the weekend. Did get to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 though, AWESOME!!! I also got a salt lamp that I’d been after, Totnes seems to sell all sorts of stuff like that, then again, Totnes is rather “hippy dippy”.

Anyway, it’s a sunny day today, Acting class this evening. Oh forgot to mention I have registered with an Acting Agency, another step towards my dream! Slowly but surely.

May The Force Be With You, Always.
“Just Have A Little Faith”.


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