Two Minutes

For my acting class this evening I have to re-create two minutes of my life in-front of the class as if for the first time, the basic piece read as follows;

“The basic object exercise places no emphasis on any particular technical problem. It simply should test your ability to re-create two minutes of your life and bring it to presentation as if for the first time.”

Now, being an imaginative person I have written down a “script” of sorts, but not the sort of script most would think of, eg; character name and words to be said. No, this is more a descriptive script, you’ll see what I mean below, so here we go.

Time: 11.00 (BST) – May 2017
Place: Apartment Living-room, Hoylake, UK
Music: Relaxation Playlist, classical, mostly piano with some orchestral.
Surroundings: Laptop in-front of me, french doors slightly ajar, fold out IKEA seat in-front of me, a pine dining table and chairs to my left along with a Church Arched Mirror, bookcase in-front left corner, filled with books of all kinds, autobiographies, travel books, fiction, non-fiction, colouring books, travel guides, Acting books etc. There is a peace lily to my right, on an old coffee table, also on the table a Himalayan Salt lamp, pink in colour, a warming glow when lit. Family photos dotted around the living-room, smiles of people who are still here or of those who have gone. A blue guitar sits proudly on a stand in one corner, gathering dust on its neck (needs dusting)

The Music is playing softly from the laptop, I’m curled up on a cream fabric sofa, feels warm against my skin, the gentle sound of the wind rustling through the trees outside. The odd car whizzing past on the main road, trains trundling past, the sound of birds singing. The sun’s rays peeking through the leaves, casting gentle shadows onto the grass. A quiet sense of serenity swirls around me, whether getting lost in a good book or a colouring page, calm takes over, joy and peace can occur. I suddenly catch the piece of music that is playing, having forgotten it was playing, I pause, listen, admiring the beauty of the piece, before returning to what was done before.


I hope you enjoyed Two Minutes.


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