Holiday Weather

The past week has most definitely been holiday weather, highs of 30°C last week, on Thursday at 18.30 it was 25°C walking through the streets of Liverpool! That is madness! Don’t get me wrong, I love the warmth/heat, but not at that time of the evening, 20-22°C would have been nicer, more-so when one is inside for acting class!

14 – 22 June I shall be on the Continental part of Europe, in the gorgeous Auvergne in France. I was last there 13 years ago! 3 full days in Lyon and 3 full days in Clermont-Ferrand, plus half days on the days we travel between the two cities and on the day we leave. We arrive late on the 14 June, ie 23.30! The sun, the culture, the warmth, the food, everything! Vive la France!

Speaking of France, I am currently watching the build-up to the Monaco Grand Prix, I’ll go visit and mingle one day! Such a beautiful looking place.

Sorry it took me so long to post again, things have been all over the place lately, with my acting classes and having to so script analysis. Received my monologue for the class showpieces, I’m the only one doing a monologue because of being in France for two Thursdays. Had to order the script, as per my tutors request, so we know the plot etc. It’s due for delivery on Wednesday, so may have to see if I can find it somewhere, even if it’s just an excerpt. ‘Vera Vera Vera’ by Hayley Squires is the script, it’s a fairly lengthy monologue too, so god knows how I’ll memorise it! I have done talks in-front of people before, but never on a stage with all the lights on me. Don’t get me wrong, doing something like that is something a part of me has always wanted, but at the same time the nerves I have already, I just hope I don’t into complete melt-down on the night..

Hopefully will hear when the Summer play auditions are, I am guaranteed a role, there are three different plays that I could be in, just depends on the “board” (three tutors from MAD who I’ve met before, one is actually my current tutor) and which play they think would suit best. The aspect of the Audition is to give you experience in Auditions, ack! 

Anyway, I’m off to “Monaco”, until next time!

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