June is one of, if not, the, best month, of the year. I’m biased, it’s my birthday month! Also Wentworth Miller’s birthday month (2 June). This year is going to be an even better June because I’m actually going to be on Holiday on my birthday! Yay! I’ll be in Lyon on that day, I’m hoping the sun will be showing itself. There is a Hard Rock Cafe in Lyon, might see if I can go for Cocktails, then find something suitably French for food, or possibly a boat trip down the Rhone, or all three? That too greedy? Nah! Although if it rains…more cocktails and less others haha

June is also the final month of my Intermediate Drama Class (Script Analysis), and because I’m aware I’ll be also having to practice my Monologue whilst in France, when I can..probably early mornings before I go out, or on rainy days, which it better not do too often. I get back from France and have one week’s rehearsal with the class before performance, no pressure. The auditions for the Summer Play are whilst I’m away, and I’ve pre-booked the course, so having to find out what I do now. 

Other points, the Prison Break mini-series has come to an end, nicely done, tidied up loose ends, some clever “easter eggs” as they seem to be called, thrown in here and there. Vancouver is still very much on the cards, although more likely than not, next year before I even visit, whether I go with my partner or not remains to be seen. Don’t get me wrong, we get on well, as friends, just anything else, if I’m loved, I don’t know it. I’m hiding away from telling anyone anything more and more, I’m unfollowing and unliking so much on social media, not because I’m being rude, I’m just fed up, so best option, ignore and switch off. 

Until next time.

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