Gloomy Thursday

Cloudy – check
Windy – check
Damp – check
Gloomy – check

Definitely a gloomy Thursday, does not bode well. First off it’s the UK General Election today, which means a chance to change the fecked up government we currently have, and loads of people registered to vote on the final day of registration, but, will they vote? And more to the point, will they vote for the right party or have they been brainwashed like so many people seem to be in this world? I’ll say one thing, SHE HAS TO GO!

Secondly, I have TWO monologues to know for today, well one of them I only need to know part of it off by heart, which is handy. As I have mentioned in previous posts I am doing a Summer course at my Acting school, we are to do a “Audition”, it’s just to give us practice, because I’m away, less than a week to go, I only got informed I was to do my Audion on Tuesday, so will have had less time to prepare than others will have. It’s only short, and I have bits of it, but some how manage to get it in the wrong order! Oops..ah well, I have a few people who are pretty sure I will nail it, least some people have confidence, even if I do not! The monologue I have to know for my Audition is this;

It’s dark humour that explores a woman who is numb to life.
I’m underwhelmed. Nothing impresses or excites me. I am amazed by nothing. I am numb to this world and everything in it. I go through like with one face that doesn’t move. I never smile, cry, laugh, frown. I’m a hollow vessel and my thoughts are empty.

My friend tells me I should seek adventure. I tell my friend that there is nothing adventurous.
I work in the mail department. I do the mail. Meet all kinds of personalities and I’m immune to the happy people, stressed people and idiot people.
An invisible shield have enveloped my being and my eyes are clogged with fog. Nothing reaches me and I reach nothing.
Existence is only breathing…silently.

It was the only one of the choices that immediately jumped out at me that I could do without too much thought involved, which considering how little time I had/have to prepare is probably a good thing. The other monologue is for the class showpiece, which isn’t until the 5 July, so plenty of time to learn it fluently, just need to set reminders on my phone when I’m on holiday to actually read it, before I go out in a morning and before I go to sleep at night, that should do the trick.

Anyway, the day awaits!

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