Performance Day!

So I will get round to doing my holiday blog, honest, I’ve just been trying to get my Monologue mastered so I get it word perfect, hate getting things wrong or missing them out. Had a rehearsal on Sunday and I got all of it bar one bit, and it’s that bit I’m struggling with, I’ll get there! (I hope..) Anyway found the half penny my Grandma gave my cousins and I on her 90th Birthday, so I plan on taking that with me, and maybe a photo of her, might bring me some luck! Can get into the venue from 16.00 BST, but where I’ll be there at 16.00 is another matter, didn’t sleep well last night. Latest time of arrival is 18.00, I don’t plan on getting there that late! Performance starting time is 19.30, it will be a LONG day… I’m so nervous!!


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