How are you today?

Well? How are you today? Yes you reading this, *waves*, if no-one has asked, I just did.
If you are in the UK and any time zone ahead of BST, you’ve done great, you are doing great, have that cup of tea/glass of something lovely, keep going, you’re wanted and loved.

If you are in the USA/Canada and any time zone behind BST, good morning, welcome to another day, you can do this, have a cup of tea/coffee, you will do great, you’re wanted and loved.

For Everyone, you’re worth fighting for. Everyone deserves some self-care. No matter how small, even if all it is it some deep breaths, or closing your eyes for a moment, get your self-care.


How am I?
I’m not okay, but I’m about to have a cup of tea, a hug in a mug, if only.

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