Poems 1.2


A Cup of Tea*
They stood on the beaches,
They stood in the sea,
They stood on the piers,
Silent as can be.

Wet and cold,
Drained and weak,
Desperate for home,
Desperate for sleep.

The ships sailed into view,
They were given blankets and a nice hot brew,
They made for home and full of joy,
They didn’t expect what happened next.

A torpedo struck the starboard side,
Sending the men into the dead of night,
Freezing and tired and out in the dark,
They were taken by the sea still holding their tea.


6 by 8
Forgotten by the system,
Forgotten by the law,
Stuck in a box,
6 by 8.

Bars on the windows,
Steel on the doors,
Metal beds and concrete floors,
6 by 8.

Monotonous routine day after day,
No freedom or say,
A decade must have past,
6 by 8.

*The poem was inspired by a particular scene from Dunkirk and the film in general.


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