Acting For Camera (Lesson 1)

Oh wow such a wonderful class! I’m going to definitely enjoy this I can tell! We had to do two on camera videos, one was natural, ourselves and then the second was a character made up improv! I loved it, although I hate the sound of my normal voice, so annoying!! But according to the tutor he doesn’t like the sound of his voice either so that’s not so bad! The class itself I know 3 others from previous classes/shows, which was nice. There is a real mixture of people which is nice and there aren’t many of us, 10 I think in total. The tutor is honest and truthful but not nasty, asks direct questions and gets to the point, bit like my mum! Next week we have to continue with our character and expand on them. My character is called ‘Laura’ she has spent the past 20 years in Prison, she’s from New York, has a couple of bodies in the Hudson, she’s seen some things and heard some things “but hey I’m still livin'” 


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