Acting For Camera (Lesson 4)

Yesterday’s class was a ‘Master’ recording of our scripts that we had to learn the previous week, so the camera just kept rolling. We then watched them back, it was so uncomfortable watching myself on camera as well as hearing myself, I don’t like it, at all! May be you get used to it, may be not. We also discussed what we are doing in next weeks class which is learning how auditions work. So we’ll be getting a script, 10 minutes (I think that’s what the tutor said) to read it and remember as much as possible and then it will be recorded. The does and don’t of auditions and what to expect etc. Next week should be an interesting week as far as classes go, we’ll then be given another script to learn in readiness for the final piece for our class, which will be the piece that we get given as our ‘display’ piece as it were. Unlike the other classes which do a performance in front of an audience we just do a camera piece that gets sent to us that will use a fancy camera etc and that’s just for our own personal viewing although friends and family will be allowed to view it, should I wish to share it with them. I’m enjoying my camera course. It’s completely different from the other courses at MAD which are more Theatre based whereas this is more TV and Film based, which is what I want to get into anyway. 


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