NAME: Nicola S Watson

AGE: 28

LOCATION: Wirral, England, UK

Bio: I am a Bi-sexual female, I am quiet when you first meet me but I do become a lot louder and bubblier once sure of my surroundings. I suffer from Depression and Anxiety and have done since I was 17 (if not earlier), I am an only child and used to have a dog, Pippa, but she passed away aged 15 in 2009.
My biggest ambition in life is to become an actress, and a successful one at that! (dream big!) I would love to travel the world and hopefully one day visit all 50 of the US states. I have a very large fascination with the USA, maybe I’ll do a post about it one day.

I thank you for visiting my blog, everything I write, unless stated otherwise is my own thinking and opinion.




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