Cut! The word the director uses when filming of a scene is complete, therefore it is apt in this scenario. No I'm not ending my blog but my Acting for Camera classes ended last week, this made me sad for now I have nothing to look forward to. However, I am planning on doing more... Continue Reading →



I wish I could tell you just how I feel inside, but I'm scared of how you will react. Will you just stay silent, which hurts more than words, will you just sit and do nothing at all. I just want to be rescued, someone to make me smile, someone to give me hugs when... Continue Reading →


A "friend" said I was "Borderline Emotionally Manipulative" the other day, AFTER, I'd told them I was suicidal. They said they cared which is why they were saying to "get the self-pity out". I'm sorry, but how is that caring? What's worse is this person has been in a bad place before, so for them... Continue Reading →

Acting For Camera (Lesson 8)

Last night was the first of two nights where the filming for final pieces happened, my pairing happened to be up first. I knew my lines, the lights and the camera, I muddled them up, it was scary, less so than stage, but still scary. Getting the markers without looking, having a camera(s) in your... Continue Reading →

Acting For Camera (Lesson 7)

Over halfway! That means it's getting to the "complicated" part. It's not that complicated really, just tiresome, like being on a real set I guess. Lots of sitting around, doing not alot, getting a sore bum because the floor isn't very comfy, yes there were chairs but for some reason, no-one was really using them.... Continue Reading →

Thank You

Just a quick post to thank all those who either follow, read, like my posts, it's very kind of you. When I started this I honestly didn't think anyone would read posts by someone like me, but apparently you do. So, I Thank You, it means alot. Enjoy your day, wherever you are in the... Continue Reading →

Acting For Camera (Lesson 6)

Lesson 5 didn’t happen as I wasn’t well, hence the skipping to Lesson 6. I got a script via email the other day for Lesson 6, only to discover the person I’m doing the script with was not there and because I’d already analysed it I didn’t have much to do. I ran through it... Continue Reading →

Saturday Smiles

Go on, have a smile, it's Saturday! Or SaturYAY! Whichever way you want to look at it, either way, it's the weekend, so do what makes you happy! (if you can!) Sorry for lack of posts, my parents have been down, they leave today, so been spending time with them and having nice meals and... Continue Reading →

Acting For Camera (Lesson 4)

Yesterday’s class was a ‘Master’ recording of our scripts that we had to learn the previous week, so the camera just kept rolling. We then watched them back, it was so uncomfortable watching myself on camera as well as hearing myself, I don’t like it, at all! May be you get used to it, may... Continue Reading →

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