I've been watching the news all day about Hurricane Irma which has battered the Caribbean and now Florida. I had many variations of the poem I came up with but I decided on this one. I hope you like it and my thoughts are with all those effected by Irma. It started out as a... Continue Reading →


Help, what help

Having seen my GP last Tuesday and spoken with him a decision was made that for my own Mental Well-being I should withdraw from the play, which is what I did. But whilst at the GP he looked at my notes from when he referred me last to see a Psychiatrist, there is a triage... Continue Reading →

Rehearsal Sunday 1.0

Another rehearsal has completed, ran through two 'busy' (lots of moving parts) scenes, took a few runs to get them done, slowly but surely they'll get up to the full speed needed for a Cardiac Arrest in A&E! Didn't feel like I did last week, pretty much the whole cast, bar 2/3 were there, which... Continue Reading →

Very Early…

03.52 (BST) and I'm awake, have been for almost an hour so I decided to do a post! Haha you lucky people, middle of the night or just very early posts are weird because there have been many times over the past few weeks when I've been awake staring at my clock hands tick slowly... Continue Reading →


Nice is a beautiful city in France, sadly yesterday, Bastille Day (14 July) a Lorry rammed into crowds celebrating the day, many children were amongst the deaths and injured. From what I have read 84 people have died and more may well occur. The whole situation is awful, the French people in Nice and in... Continue Reading →


Firstly, sorry for a lack of blogging, my mind has been unable to focus on anything so I've spent most of the last few days colouring, its about all I can manage right now. So if this turns out to be a complete load of tosh, you know why! I actually hand wrote a journal... Continue Reading →

Saturday Morning

Why is it always so dark when it rains? Even though it's daylight. It's pouring with rain and my partner is working at the local Racecourse today! I doubt there will be much horse-racing today, unless by some crazy phenomenon it's not raining in Chester! I was going to go to West Kirby today, but... Continue Reading →

Farewell EU

So a load of idiots voted to LEAVE the EU, causing the pound to crash to its lowest rate in 30 years and the stock exchange to plummet and all because why? A load of lies. Nigel Farage said that the money Britain gives to the EU to stay in would be given to the... Continue Reading →

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