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I’ve been watching the news all day about Hurricane Irma which has battered the Caribbean and now Florida. I had many variations of the poem I came up with but I decided on this one. I hope you like it

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Help, what help

Having seen my GP last Tuesday and spoken with him a decision was made that for my own Mental Well-being I should withdraw from the play, which is what I did. But whilst at the GP he looked at my

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Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover

You’d never judge a book by it’s cover so why judge that because someone has Mental Health Problems that’s all that person is. There is ALWAYS more to a person that just Mental Health. Take me, yes, right now, I’m

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Rehearsal Sunday 1.0

Another rehearsal has completed, ran through two ‘busy’ (lots of moving parts) scenes, took a few runs to get them done, slowly but surely they’ll get up to the full speed needed for a Cardiac Arrest in A&E! Didn’t feel

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Very Early…

03.52 (BST) and I’m awake, have been for almost an hour so I decided to do a post! Haha you lucky people, middle of the night or just very early posts are weird because there have been many times over

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Nice is a beautiful city in France, sadly yesterday, Bastille Day (14 July) a Lorry rammed into crowds celebrating the day, many children were amongst the deaths and injured. From what I have read 84 people have died and more

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Firstly, sorry for a lack of blogging, my mind has been unable to focus on anything so I’ve spent most of the last few days colouring, its about all I can manage right now. So if this turns out to

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