Very Early…

03.52 (BST) and I'm awake, have been for almost an hour so I decided to do a post! Haha you lucky people, middle of the night or just very early posts are weird because there have been many times over the past few weeks when I've been awake staring at my clock hands tick slowly... Continue Reading →


How are you today?

Well? How are you today? Yes you reading this, *waves*, if no-one has asked, I just did. If you are in the UK and any time zone ahead of BST, you've done great, you are doing great, have that cup of tea/glass of something lovely, keep going, you're wanted and loved. If you are in... Continue Reading →

Performance Day!

So I will get round to doing my holiday blog, honest, I've just been trying to get my Monologue mastered so I get it word perfect, hate getting things wrong or missing them out. Had a rehearsal on Sunday and I got all of it bar one bit, and it's that bit I'm struggling with,... Continue Reading →

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