Saturday Smiles

Go on, have a smile, it's Saturday! Or SaturYAY! Whichever way you want to look at it, either way, it's the weekend, so do what makes you happy! (if you can!) Sorry for lack of posts, my parents have been down, they leave today, so been spending time with them and having nice meals and... Continue Reading →


On the mend

Spent pretty much all weekend either asleep in bed or on the sofa, not sure if I had a cold or one of those evil 24 hour bug things, because I had the cold but also a temperature and just wanted to sleep, nothing else. Thankfully I'm feeling better today, much better actually, so I'm... Continue Reading →

Poems 1.2

  A Cup of Tea* They stood on the beaches, They stood in the sea, They stood on the piers, Silent as can be. Wet and cold, Drained and weak, Desperate for home, Desperate for sleep. The ships sailed into view, They were given blankets and a nice hot brew, They made for home and... Continue Reading →

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