Brick Wall

Urgh, don't you just hate it when you wake up and feel like you've been hit by a brick wall and a train? Literally how I'm feeling today, even though I slept, reasonably, still so tired. Drained. Fed up. It's only 10.36 BST but it feels like I've been awake for days, even though I... Continue Reading →


Poems 1.1

Does Anybody Care Does anybody care about the wellness of me, Or am I destined to be alone and only me, Does anybody notice, When I am not around, Will anyone remember me when I am dead in the ground. Does anybody care when I am in tears, Does anybody care when I'm filled with... Continue Reading →


*This is quite a long entry, sorry in advance* Hello Darkness, my old friend, I've come to talk with you again... Living with Chronic Depression and Chronic Fatigue and eczema that's caused by stress and environment, one can only hold out for so long before Darkness raises it's ugly head. I shouldn't be feeling this,... Continue Reading →

Spring Showers and Inspirations

Pretty sure I can still get away with saying we've had "Spring Showers" today, managed to get a photo(s) of my, so far only, flowering Petunia 'Monet'. The one I have as my 'Featured Image' is my favourite, no idea why, just like it. Definitely had a 'forget about it' sort of week, even today... Continue Reading →

May The Fourth Be With You*

* Sorry couldn't resist! Haha Much has happened since my last blog post, but I shall not be talking about the majority of it, more so because it's, in a sense, trivial in the context of the wider world. Had a GP appointment this morning and had to book an ECG, "would 5 minutes time... Continue Reading →

The Evil Within

There is an evil in the darkness, Of which no-one speaks, It hides amongst us, And appears when we least know, The evil is all around us, Everywhere we go. No-one is safe, From the evil that I speak, No-one is unworthy, No-one is too weak, Yet in the darkness there is light, Ready to... Continue Reading →

Not A Clue

They say "Home is where the heart is", nice statement, but what if your heart doesn't know? Then what? Wander around aimlessly, trying different places? I used to think Home was where my parents were, or where I felt most relaxed or happy, but now when I see my parents I am not usually that... Continue Reading →

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