Acting For Camera (Lesson 7)

Over halfway! That means it's getting to the "complicated" part. It's not that complicated really, just tiresome, like being on a real set I guess. Lots of sitting around, doing not alot, getting a sore bum because the floor isn't very comfy, yes there were chairs but for some reason, no-one was really using them.... Continue Reading →


Poems 1.2

  A Cup of Tea* They stood on the beaches, They stood in the sea, They stood on the piers, Silent as can be. Wet and cold, Drained and weak, Desperate for home, Desperate for sleep. The ships sailed into view, They were given blankets and a nice hot brew, They made for home and... Continue Reading →

Poems 1.0

I have done a previous post called Poems, as I have done a more here is 1.0. Never Tell You From the moment that I saw you, There was something deep inside, Something I’d forgotten I had, A fire ignited within me, A fire that had been put out. Your eyes are like stars, Your smile... Continue Reading →

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