Very Early…

03.52 (BST) and I'm awake, have been for almost an hour so I decided to do a post! Haha you lucky people, middle of the night or just very early posts are weird because there have been many times over the past few weeks when I've been awake staring at my clock hands tick slowly... Continue Reading →


Don’t Give Up..

When all seems lost don't give up, it may feel like you have no choice, that you have that feeling of no-one wanting you, no-one caring, but someone, somewhere, does, you are not alone. (this is not just for everyone who needs it but also for me) There are days, like today, when I literally... Continue Reading →


Okay so this one is in connection to something written on my¬†Aspirations¬†post. 3- Become a successful actress. Why? Short Answer; My Grandma and My Dream. Long Answer; My Grandma, was herself, when she was younger, a stage actress in Liverpool and Wirral Theatres, she got rave reviews and not only could she act but she... Continue Reading →

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