Poems 1.1

Does Anybody Care Does anybody care about the wellness of me, Or am I destined to be alone and only me, Does anybody notice, When I am not around, Will anyone remember me when I am dead in the ground. Does anybody care when I am in tears, Does anybody care when I’m filled with… Read More Poems 1.1

Keep Going

My previous post, The Evil Within, may have had positive words in it, but believe me when I say, I was not positive in any way whilst I wrote it. I’ve had a very difficult time lately, I’m in a very dark place, spent so much time crying I’m surprised I have any tears left.… Read More Keep Going


The past few days I’ve been catching myself doubting myself. Am I doing the right thing following my dream? Am I right to withhold what I actually think? Am I even worthy of having friends and following my dream. I was having dental surgery this morning and whilst the drill was buzzing away I had… Read More Doubt