A “friend” said I was “Borderline Emotionally Manipulative” the other day, AFTER, I’d told them I was suicidal. They said they cared which is why they were saying to “get the self-pity out”. I’m sorry, but how is that caring? What’s worse is this person has been in a bad place before, so for them… Read More Emotions

Poems 1.1

Does Anybody Care Does anybody care about the wellness of me, Or am I destined to be alone and only me, Does anybody notice, When I am not around, Will anyone remember me when I am dead in the ground. Does anybody care when I am in tears, Does anybody care when I’m filled with… Read More Poems 1.1

Two Minutes

For my acting class this evening I have to re-create two minutes of my life in-front of the class as if for the first time, the basic piece read as follows; “The basic object exercise places no emphasis on any particular technical problem. It simply should test your ability to re-create two minutes of your… Read More Two Minutes