A "friend" said I was "Borderline Emotionally Manipulative" the other day, AFTER, I'd told them I was suicidal. They said they cared which is why they were saying to "get the self-pity out". I'm sorry, but how is that caring? What's worse is this person has been in a bad place before, so for them... Continue Reading →


Acting for Camera (Lesson 3)

Today was as fun as usual! Had to read our scripts, on camera, once was off camera just a normal script read and if you forgot your line just said line and whoever was holding the script said the first few words of the line. Then we did it on camera without it recording and... Continue Reading →

A Fragment

I'm a fragment of my former self, where once I did so much alone, now I'm afraid to leave the apartment. It takes so much to just get on the train to go into Liverpool for my acting classes, it terrifies me. I never used to be like that. I was planning on visiting my... Continue Reading →


*This is quite a long entry, sorry in advance* Hello Darkness, my old friend, I've come to talk with you again... Living with Chronic Depression and Chronic Fatigue and eczema that's caused by stress and environment, one can only hold out for so long before Darkness raises it's ugly head. I shouldn't be feeling this,... Continue Reading →

Week Four – Done

Just got home having completed week four of my 10 week Script Analysis class. For today's class we had to analyse (yeah I know it's the course) the script "Au Pair and the Student", which is from the play The Blue Room, intriguing script, lots of facts and questions. I somehow managed to end up with... Continue Reading →

Trust and Confidence

"Built your walls so high that no-one can climb them" - a line from an Emeli Sandé track, I've taken to building my walls quite high too, it's actually got to the point where even people I should trust, I don't. That isn't their fault, not at all, it's just the way I've been lately.... Continue Reading →

10 Days Later

Sorry for the delay in posting, as the title says it's been 10 days. Much has happened in those 10 days, I'll try and keep it concise, I've explained it in full to a few people but most don't need the unedited version, so here goes. I have booked onto the Evening Intermediate Course for... Continue Reading →


The past few days I've been catching myself doubting myself. Am I doing the right thing following my dream? Am I right to withhold what I actually think? Am I even worthy of having friends and following my dream. I was having dental surgery this morning and whilst the drill was buzzing away I had... Continue Reading →

No Label

I feel drained, fed up, I need a holiday. We all know that feeling, that feeling of needing to get away, unfortunately for me I can't afford to get away. And boy do I need to get away. People around me are doing well in life, yet I'm getting/going  no-where. That feeling of endless repition... Continue Reading →

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